Transition Art February 2011

 Aptos Cruz is pleased to present



Waldemar Kolbusz & Annabel Nowlan


17th February - 27th March, 2011


Waldemar Kolbusz:

Western Australian based artist Waldemar Kolbusz is an internationally regarded artist who has produced a number of painterly and expressionistic works for his latest Adelaide exhibition: Transition Art at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

 Exhibiting in Adelaide for the second time following a highly successful show in 2010, Kolbusz’s new body of work is high in energy, vibrant in colour and sophisticated in resolve. His well-considered and playful use of mark making and palette selection gives his paintings richness in depth, and a luminosity of colour.  This style of application and use of translucent layering takes the viewer on a transitional journey of process, gestation and maturation.


Annabel Nowlan:

Exhibiting in Adelaide for the first time, Annabel Nowlan presents a body of work that speaks of life on the land.   Her work reflects her experiences of growing up in rural NSW with an illustrative extraction of her exposure to and the experiences of farming land that has been in her family for five generations.

Manipulating recycled and unrefined materials such as flattened tin, weathered tarpaulin and recycled copper to create visual narratives, she states, “ I’m attracted to the unique markings of repetitious human and animal activity on the land, the allure of weatherworn materials, and the beauty of what is often considered mundane.” Nowlan’s interest lies in the hidden, unspoken stories and mapping of experience drawn from transitional and adaptive experiences that reflect the stoic nature of the "makin do” found throughout regional Australia.