Ben Sando

The imagination is “that power which…gives birth to symbols.”(Coleridge).

An abstract artist is one who makes images purely from the imagination, independent of any reference to the external environment. The abstract artist turns ideas into forms, colours and shapes. He/ she is dealing with perhaps the only verifiable reality – the visual constructions of the mind. True abstraction is art made to demonstrate an individual’s strivings to find a way to a meaningful construction of reality. From this striving an object – e.g. a painting – results, which by the ideas contained in its forms, creates it’s own inherent power or presence.

Ben Sando’s paintings have rich surface qualities that display strong composition and considered mark making. His works are warm and inviting with imperfect line, broken surface and drip marks, reminding us that they are a made work created by an artist’s hand.

Ben seeks an implicit presence with his works; he tries to not over ‘clutter’ his paintings to allow the viewer to also contemplate notions of emptiness, erasure and quiet.

His paints are mixed by hand using oxide pigments, ochres, charcoal and some gouache and water colour pigments, mixed with PVA glue and water. Ben has also been known to source his own ochres from the Riverland. Ben’s debut as an emergent artist was at Aptos Cruz in 2006, exhibiting his first solo exhibition in 2008. He is now a regular artist at Aptos Cruz Galleries.