David Reid

David Reid has had the compulsion to make art his whole life and as many artists would tell you it was never a matter of choice. For David learning about making art happened not through formal study but years of developing applied knowledge through experimentation and observation.

Fundamentally his art practice revolves around his interaction with the world and his expression of responses he communicates through painting. The giants of Australian Modernism including artists such as Ian Fairweather and Tony Tuckson have influenced him as an artist. He has also worked along side the likes of John Olsen, John Firth-Smith and Tim Storrier.

For a long time David has been interested in Chinese art. He recalls that in year 12 his focus was on Chinese Art. Over the years opportunities within his artistic and working life have enabled him to develop a relationship with Shanghai. He first exhibited his works at Shanghai Art Fair in 2005 and was invited to return in 2006 when he was also awarded a grant by the government of South Australia.

It was most fortuitous for his art practice that he was introduced to the beautiful texture of Chinese handmade paper; a natural progression with his interests in Chinese art and paint.

The deeper his relationship grows with Shanghai, the more he is able to mirror these visual and emotive responses within his works. He employs some of the major ideas and explores many of the materials found in Chinese art but he never seeks to imitate them. Instead through spontaneity, layering colour and aesthetic simplicity David takes the traditional art form and gives it a contemporary edge.

His latest work employs inks on Chinese handmade paper. The outcomes of his layered processes have produced unique and visually emotive paintings.