Annette Bezor - Not Forgotten

“Bezor says her work is, “representative of a psychological and emotional space that people inhabit but are silent about. We all have this – a passive exterior, inside which is a Pandora’s box.”4

She believes that, in being taught to behave according to the rules of our society, we submerge our deepest feelings beneath a civilised facade, even to the extent that we are unable to recognise our own turbulent inner states and the damage we do to ourselves and others.

Annette Bezor’s work establishes an alternative psycho-social space in which the appropriation of imagery prompts the re-evaluation of the cultural power and significance of that imagery. She has adapted painting in unique ways to suit her purpose and, over her career, has confirmed and extended the role of the independent woman artist and has participated in the debate over art history. Bezor has made a significant impact on the idea and nature of painting in contemporary art.”

Written by Chris Reid, July 2011

Not Forgotten is a celebration of Annette’s art and the contribution she has made to the discourse on female identity.

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