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10th April 2024

JK Armchair by HOSHINA (Japan)

The JK Armchair – designed by Jin Kuramoto and made by the craftspeople at Hoshina Japan – renders a classical chair form in a modern reinterpretation that embraces you with elegant arms defined by gentle curves and well-proportioned arching.



19th March 2024

ON DISPLAY: Bollo Chair by Fogia

The iconic Bollo Lounge Chair – designed by Andreas Engesvik and made by the craftspeople at Fogia – combines deep comfort with clean lines. Inspired by the distinct tubular frames of mid-century lounge chairs, its generous cushioning wraps and softens the metal frame.
On display and available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.



8th March 2024

ON DISPLAY: Tiki Sofa by Fogia

ON DISPLAY: Iconic and sleek, with neo-vintage styling, Tiki has secured its place in the Scandinavian design landscape. Designed with Andreas Engesvik and made by Fogia, the iconic Tiki collection is a visually simple collection with a high level of comfort. Tiki has a feather light, yet informal expression. Made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality, Tiki can be specified in leather, suedes or textile, with a choice of leg colours. The collection consist of sofas in two sizes, armchairs in two sizes and a matching pouf.
Available and on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.


27th February 2024

NOW SHOWING: Kunst Armchair

The name Kunst is derived from the Danish word for “art”. With Karimoku’s top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities in Japan and 70 years’ worth of accumulated craftsmanship techniques, Kunst has made possible the productization of one-of-a-kind artwork that, up until now, could only have been made over many years of manual work. The aim was to create timeless masterpieces of furniture, realizing the highest sense of aesthetics, breathing life into the smallest details—creating that which could be loved for many years, not because it particularly stood out but because it was simply beautiful.

The Kunst Armchair (shown) is a stunning example of the artisanal craftsmanship and modern design.

The Kunst Armchair is currently on display and available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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24th February 2024

INK by David Reid – Book Launch & Exhibition



1st December 2023


On 21 November 2023, we welcomed new products by Anthony Guerrée. The pieces continue to explore craft and geometry in bold, sculptural forms inspired by the designer’s recurring dream of spending a starry night in Joshua Tree Park gazing up at the Summer Triangle asterism.




21st November 2023

NOW SHOWING: Xmas Exhibition




13th October 2023





1st September 2023

NOW SHOWING: Two exhibitions

Click here to view Gerry Kings artworks.

Click here to view John Laceys artworks.






11th August 2023

Sela Lounge Chair: NOW AVAILABLE!

Sela lounge chair, designed by Luca Nichetto and made by De LA Espada, reflects a passion for woodworking, with a tactile timber form with beautiful joinery. An exquisite leather seat, custom made by a Portuguese saddler, is suspended from the chair frame, then softened with upholstered cushions. Sela boasts an ageless appearance with a contemporary edge; the perfect blend of natural elements, craftsmanship, and timeless appeal.

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Sela Lounge Chair by De La Espada




7th August 2023

Gunzel Dining Chair: NOW AVAILABLE!

The Gunzel collection (designed and made by Didier) takes inspiration from a time in Australia when creating objects for public use was a mark of engineered craftsmanship. Akin to the classic Melbourne tram with its sewn leather holding straps and exquisitely sculpted wooden interiors, the collection exudes durability, style, and honour.

By reflecting the utilitarian luxury seen in citizen-led manufacturing eras, the Gunzel design recaptures the poetry of fine, handmade design details that appeal to all human senses and evoke emotional connections. Gunzel embodies the essence of democratic design, with each piece showcasing the raw dignity and beauty of timber; stripped-back forms with grace and simplicity.

Now available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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20th July 2023

Phantom Pendant: NOW ON DISPLAY!

Phantom is a series of voluminous lamps made from a special semi-transparent resin material. The outlines of archetypical chandeliers have served as inspiration for the lamps’ dramatic silhouettes, which in the ivory veil achieve a soft iconic character.




5th May 2023

Exhibition: Milton Moon

Milton Moon - Exhibition




26th March 2023

Now Available: ML-42 Stool

In 1942 Mogens Lassen designed the Stool ML42 as a piece for a furniture exhibition held at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art. He took inspiration from the stools used by the shoemakers of the past, and transferred the light, elegant look to the creation of this sculptural three-legged stool. The Stool ML42 is considered a collector’s item by international design connoisseurs.

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23rd February 2023

NOW SHOWING: Ever Changing Things




11th February 2023

NOW ON DISPLAY: Moller #77 Chair

In 1944, Niels Otto Moller began his cabinetry company where old craft traditions are still used today. Scandinavian cord seats known for their durability, easily withstand decades of frequent use. Made of tightly twisted paper the woven material is pleasant to sit on and its natural texture only gets better with age. The seat of the Moller#77 is woven by hand from one continuous 425-foot-long piece of cord. At the Moller factory machines are never used for the final polish and a proud tradition of “production without assembly lines” is very much alive today.
The Moller#77 is available and on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.



23rd November 2022





8th November 2022

NOW AVAILABLE: Sundowner Pendant

SUNDOWNER is an iconic pendant designed by Jørn Utzon in 1948 characterised by its four-shade construction and how the light elegantly illuminates the shape. The soft curves and opposite-facing shades are designed prior to Utzon’s architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House. With its dynamic design, the SUNDOWNER pendant expresses a clear linkage to the unique shell structures that have adorned the Sydney Harbour for more than half a century.

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15th October 2022

NOW ON DISPLAY: Glider Chair

With its organic design, Glider – by Artifort – offers an attractive, relaxed seating experience in lobbies, lounges and at home. The gentle curvature of the upholstery and the myriad of refined details make this charismatic Luca Nichetto design stand out. Harnessing the detailed upholstery techniques to provide unprecedented comfort.

Glider’s refined details can be admired from any angle, even from the back, making this armchair a perfect fit for open spaces.

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30th September 2022

NOW ON DISPLAY: Chinoz Table Lamp

The Chinoz Table Lamp – designed by Jaime Hayon and made by the craftspeople at Parachilna- is an Asian inspired table lamp consisting of an impeccable hand-blown diffuser, ceramic body and a lacquered wooden base. This lamp invites for color and finish combinations.

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20th September 2022

NOW ON DISPLAY: Elysia Lounge Chair

Elysia is a sculptural lounge chair with an exposed timber frame to showcase the craftsmanship and premium timber of De La Espada. Taut upholstery on the chair shell creates a refined profile while the exceptional comfort.

Available and on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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30th August 2022

NOW SHOWING: Ben Sando Exhibition




17th August 2022

NEW RELEASE: Embrace Sofa

A streamlined wooden frame and unparalleled upholstered comfort strike the perfect balance on the flexible, modular Embrace Sofa, designed by EOOS to adapt to our changing needs and real-life situations.

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3rd August 2022

Macaron Lamp: Sculpted Light

The MACARON table light pays homage to the beauty and complex structures of crystalline stone. Enclosed in opposing domes of delicate handblown glass, the stone becomes a moonscape afloat in its own cosmos. The concept is based on the principle of illuminating stone, and the name refers to the light’s similarity in shape to the famed French meringue confection.

Natural imperfections in the glass and the diversity of structures in the stone make each light a unique original. The purity of the natural materials and the artisanship applied in processing them have given rise to a light of extraordinary ambience. Produced using traditional techniques, MACARON is characteristic of the distinctive and enduring aesthetic of the BROKIS brand.

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23rd July 2022

Limited Edition Print ‘Lift’ by Waldemar Kolbusz

Limited Edition Print ‘Lift’ by Waldemar Kolbusz!

Archival inkjet on Hahnemule 308gsm fine art paper, 120 x 100cm, Archival framing in deep black or white box, UV plex
Limited ed of 50 prints only, signed and numbered

Available and on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.



15th July 2022

Wulff Chair by &Tradition

The Wulff Chair – originally designed in 1938 –  promises superior craftsmanship and outstanding comfort with luxuriantly soft upholstery that covers its seat and backrest. Intended as a lounge chair for the living room or bedroom, its architectural shape will add a stylish statement to any interior.

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1st July 2022

NEW RELEASE: San Chair by Conde House

SAN – Japanese for the number 3, refers to the 3 lines that form the basic structure of the SAN chair – front & back legs and the backrest. It’s simple and clean lines makes it a versatile chair, suitable for both commercial and private spaces. Designed by Michael Schneider and made by Conde House Japan.

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20th May 2022

NOW AVAILABLE: Ditzel Lounge Chair

“Three steps forward and two steps back still means I’ve taken a step in the right direction!”

Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005), with her postmodernism attitude and rebellion against tradition, became a leading figure in the renewal of Danish design in the 1990’s, well after her 70th birthday. Very often, her works had a subjective starting point, which was contrary to specific problems to be solved. However, she had a magnificent ability to transform her artistic dreams into very functional and purposeful designs.

The Ditzel Lounge Chair – designed in 1953 by Nanna Ditzel and made by Fredericia – is a fantastic example of her forward thinking attitude. Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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Nanna Ditzel Lounge Chair by Fredericia 13



10th May 2022

NEW RELEASE: Kindred Lounge Chair

Blending classic elements with mid-century modern design, Kindred is both in the moment and forever timeless. Lounge and guest chairs feature an elegant wood frame, highlighted by curves in all the right places for eye-catching views from every angle.

Available and on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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3rd May 2022

David Reid Exhibition



31st March 2022

NEW RELEASE: Pandarine Sofa by HAY

The brand new Pandarine sofa – designed by Inga Sempé and made by HAY) fuses the luxurious comfort of a bed with the versatility of a modular sofa in an elegant and versatile design. The armrests come either in a cylindrical form, or with a reclining design that can be adjusted individually in the same way as the metal-hinged backrests. This gives Pandarine the ability to transform into a unified, mattress-like surface where the backrests serve as huge, soft pillows.

Constructed using a combination of Nozag springs, foam, and wadding, Pandarine is designed to provide exceptional comfort in any number of sitting or lying positions. Available in two- and three-seater versions with options for additional chaise lounges and corner modules, its range of textiles and configurations give it great flexibility for use in a variety of private and public contexts.

Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.



22nd March 2022

NEW RELEASE – Plico Chair by Carl Hansen

When designing the Plico Chair for Carl Hansen & Son (Denmark), Danish design duo Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm sought to create a chair that takes up as little space as possible when not in use while not compromising on comfort. Looking to highlight what other designers often seek to hide, they created a deceptively simple design with visible joints, beautiful brass fittings and accomplished craftsmanship.
Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries



23rd February 2022

Now Showing – Matsuri Japanese Exhibition

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9th February 2022

Now Showing – BONBORI Lamp by Brokis

The new Bonbori collection, which was created by world-renowned Japanese designer Fumie Shibata, is available in both indoor and outdoor variants. The light is inspired by the traditional paper lamps that line the paths to shrines and temples during the annual paddy harvest festivals in Japan. In Japanese, the word bonbori not only denotes this traditional form of lighting, it also describes the soft light coming from within a snowy cave.

The gentle light of Bonbori pays tribute to a traditional Japanese lantern. Its skilfully crafted handblown glass and soft luminescence create a magical and festive ambience to be enjoyed as thoroughly in solitude as with family and friends.

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23rd November 2021

Christmas Exhibition NOW ON!



6th October 2021

Now Showing – New Works II Exhibition



15th September 2021

NOW ON DISPLAY: Kinuta N-DCo1 Chair

The Kinuta dining armchair (designed by Norm Architect) was born out of the exploration around Karimoku’s (Japan) many factories, workshopping on sight with the craftsmen, using existing parts and updating others, until a hybrid between the Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetic emerged. The result is a classic chair, simple in its design and composition, but with a warm and welcoming feel to it. The Kinuta dining chair is craftsmanship without compromise!

On display and available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.


25th August 2021

Now Showing – Group Exhibition



7th August 2021

New Release: Paul Smith Edition 4 Type75 Lamp

Inspired by his collaboration with Land Rover, celebrated and accomplished designer Paul Smith, created the Type 75 Desk Lamp – Edition Four using the quintessential countryside colours of Britain. With its deep, earthy, autumnal hues, combined with a dash of fluorescent yellow, Paul combines two British icons with his Land Rover colour palette and the distinct Anglepoise form, in this colourful adaptation of the original, best-selling Type 75 desk lamp created by industrial designer, Sir Kenneth Grange.

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14th July 2021

NOW ON DISPLAY: Prime Time Lounge & Footrest

The Prime Time is an easy chair made for enjoying your best moments. Distinctive features include an elegant steam-bent shell in walnut or oak, creating curved and ample shapes that comfortably support the body. A strong swivel base is a standard feature. The Prime Time is large enough to seat an adult and child simultaneously. Designer Tom Stepp designed the chair in order to enjoy special moments with his daughter and as such the chair has been dubbed, ‘the chair for 1.5 people’.

The Prime Time Lounge Chair and Footrest are available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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Prime Time Lounge Chair



7th July 2021

NOW ON DISPLAY: Elliot Desk by De La Espada

Elliot – designed by Jason Miller and made by De LA Espada – was inspired by the juxtaposition of old and new design seen in converted Brooklyn brownstones: modern with historical references.  A timber frame wraps around two painted hdf drawers which feature bronze pulls, dovetail joinery and a soft-close mechanism. Available in two heights – Desk and Dressing Table –  for various uses.

The Elliot Desk is now on display and available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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Elliot Desk by De La Espada



11th June 2021

Absolutely Everything SALE!

Our ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING PREVIEW SALE starts today and includes our complete range of International and Australian manufacturers of furniture and lighting by some of the worlds most highly regarded designers, in stock or custom order to your specification.

Sale also includes our complete stable of contemporary artists, oriental antiques, tribal art and more. Open everyday from 10am-5pm.



7th May 2021

New Release – Sideways Sofa by Carl Hansen

Carl Hansen & Son represents more than 110 years of dedication to quality craftmanship, unique partnerships and visionary design concepts. The company has now partnered with talented Danish designer Rikke Frost, who has created the Sideways Sofa, embodying a modern idiom, solid craftsmanship and classic materials with a clear reference to the Danish Modern movement.

The Sideways Sofa’s steam-bent backrest and organically shaped seat form two seats that place the parties opposite each other, thus promoting conversation. Open and inviting, the low backrest is made of solid wood and woven cord for a light elegant look, while the seat and back are upholstered in textile to create optimal comfort.

The Sideways Sofa and the entire Carl Hansen range is available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.




1st April 2021

NOW SHOWING: Not Forgotten – Annette Bezor

Click here to view the artworks.



17th March 2021

Now on display: Bilia Lamp by Gio Ponti

Nothing more than a sphere, set in an apparently impossible feat of balance, upon a cone that serves as the base. One of Gio Ponti’s many compositional magic tricks, designed in 1932. The counterbalancing of two elementary geometric forms results in an original, perfectly proportioned object. An unpretentious composition, enriched by the extraordinary balance of its proportions and the stylish discretion of non-reflective materials.The light is diffused and valorized by the geometrical simplicity of the design. In designing Bilia, Gio Ponti imagined a smaller version in a range of “spray colours”. From those handwritten notes of the original project, FontanaArte presents Bilia Mini in new breathtaking chromatic variations.

Available and on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Bilia Lamp by Gio Ponti



10th March 2021

Now on display: Little Petra by &Tradition

Initially introduced back in 1938 (and reintroduced by &Tradition), Little Petra won instant praise at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition, subsequently winning awards at exhibits in New York and Berlin. It’s one of just a few designs by architect Viggo Boesen, who became associated with Denmark’s signature design aesthetic in the 1930s called funkis style. Little Petra is surprisingly petite, able to fit into all kinds of spaces, interiors and environments. Low to the ground, open and embracing, it embodies the essence of a lounge chair, allowing for all kinds of seating positions in any cosy setting imaginable.

The Little Petra lounge chair and the entire &Tradition range is available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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Little Petra lounge chair by &Tradition



24th February 2021

Now on display: String Storage System

Designed in 1949 by Nisse Strinning, the String storage systems – available in beige, white, grey, blackstained ash, ash, oak and walnut – are multi-award-winning designs that continue to grow in strength; a lightweight and flexible storage system constructed of side panels and shelves that are easy to mount and move creating various combinations, depths, and frame functions as a unit; you’re only limited by your imagination! Change a colour, add a shelf, vary a look, or combine all elements to get the perfect String look for your place. The products offer shelving cabinets, magazine shelves and a desk piece. A combination of timbers are available, as well as coloured shelving options. All String products are proudly made throughout Sweden.

On display and available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.



15th February 2021

Coming soon: Sum Sofa

The design of the Sum Modular Sofa – designed by Simon Legald and made by Normann Copenhagen – is stringent and focused, but invitingly open in character: elegant and resolute, the sofa spreads out its armrests and invites you into its soft and homely space. Slim, angled legs lift it from the floor in a delicate counterpoint to the generous contours of the back and armrest. Sum’s contrasting design facets are framed by a harmonious modular concept. In a seemingly effortless flow, the lines of the modules meet and merge into an integrated whole.

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Sum Sofa by Normann Copenhagen



20th November 2020

Now on display: Flowerpot Lamp

The Flowerpot Table Lamp designed in 1969 by Verner Panton, reflects a break from convention to embrace a more open, modern mentality that promoted peace and harmony. Such was the mindset of its designer, Verner Panton, one of the most forward-thinking talents of his time.

Verner Panton started out as a painter before studying architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After an apprenticeship with architect / designer Arne Jacobsen, Panton pursued a path in furniture and interior design, where he became famous for his avant-garde designs. Such as chairs with no legs and a sofa placed vertically against the wall. In the 60’s and 70’s, his passion for designing entire environments led to immersive interiors featuring his hypnotic patterns and futuristic designs for furniture, lighting, wallpapers, posters and rugs. Panton’s pioneering use of materials, colours and shapes earned him a reputation as a visionary.

The Flowerpot series consitsts of several different models, including three pendants and two table lamps – all in a wide range of colours. The Flowerpot lights and the entire &Tradition collection are available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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22nd October 2020

New Release: Geometric Pendant by Brokis

The new Geometric Pendant – designed by Boris Klimek and Lenka Damova for Brokis – accentuates the aesthetic expression and structure of BROKISGLASS, which itself is remarkably distinctive. The collection is defined by basic geometric shapes that characterize the overall contours of the lights and instil them with a singular graphic element to achieve a striking contrast with the animate, almost sculptural makeup of the glass. The suspension components make up the glass geometric shapes, their edges rendered in black profiles.

The graphic aesthetics of the collection allow the lights to be arranged in a great number of final shapes – circle and oval – either as solitary lights or as a sort of jigsaw puzzle, which in the hands of architects can result in an endless variety of lighting combinations. Thus, the concept surpasses its primary function as a lighting fixture and opens the door to large-format blocks of light and other uncommon compositions. For the majority of the solitary lights, each side can be finished in glass of a different colour for even greater variability and originality. Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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17th September 2020

New Release: Gubi C-Chair (1947) by Marcel Gascoin

Minimalist elegance, high functionality and enduring comfort in perfect balance are what keep Marcel Gascoin’s iconic 1947 C-Chair – manufactured by Gubi –  feeling so vital and modern today.

Designed as an innovative response to the tightly-spaced homes being built in postwar France, the refined aesthetics and craftsmanship are perfectly suited to contemporary living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. The updated C-Chair’s sturdy wood frame and durable, hand-woven paper seat and backrest underpin its elegant shape and strong visual language. Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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C-Chair Dining Chair by Gubi



3rd September 2020

Group Exhibition: Better Together

Better Together is a group exhibition featuring Annabel Nolan, Ben Sando, David Reid, Gerry King, Jeff Mincham and Stewart MacFarlane



5th August 2020

NEW Release – Type 80 Table Lamp

Introducing a contemporary lighting collection designed by renowned British industrial product designer Sir Kenneth Grange in his 90th year, the Type 80 – made by Anglepoise – is an all-new design that’s distinguished by a striking, graphic profile. Every detail has been carefully considered and precision engineered to deliver streamlined style, ease of use and consistency across the collection, which includes a Pendant, Wall Light and Desk Light. Type 80’s design is enhanced by an attractive ‘halo’ light-escape feature in the shade. This adds an extra dimension in low light environments – a refinement characteristic of Sir Kenneth’s designs for the brand.

Click here for more information.

Type 80 Table Lamp by Anglepoise



24th July 2020

Offset Sofa by Norm Architects for Menu

The Offset Sofa range – designed by Norm Architects for Menu – is the result of research into ‘balance’. The studio wanted to create a sofa as simply as possible while embracing a set of paradoxes: making it substantial yet delicate in appearance, architectural yet inviting and homey. In the studio, the designers experimented with offsetting – playing with proportions, narrow armrests versus a thick generous seat, supported by four stubby metal legs. The clean-lined boxy shape is inspired by minimalist art, gently softened for a welcoming expression and maximised for comfort.

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Offset Sofa and Knitting Chair by Norm Architects for Menu.



17th July 2020

NEW Release – Kotan Stool by Naoto Fukasawa

The latest product to emerge from Conde House’s ongoing collaboration with internationally acclaimed designer Naoto Fukasawa, KOTAN Stool (Kitchen and Bar heights) is an optically light, literally light, yet materially robust stool that is built to last.

Launched in 2020, KOTAN utilises Japanese ash and leather or fabric upholstery to create a pared-down yet friendly form that fits perfectly into both residential and contract contexts, in particular hospitality settings like restaurants and cafés.

The name KOTAN, meaning village in the local Ainu language, represents the stools’ origin from Japan’s northernmost island Hokkaido, which is also shown by the use of locally grown natural ash wood.

Sustainability is key here: minimal material usage and a design language that transcends trends make for a long-life, timeless product that avoids obsolescence.

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11th April 2020

Art Exhibition: ‘Songlines – connecting country’

Click Here to see the artworks.

Click Here to view our Digital Exhibition video.



13th March 2020

NEW RELEASE: Harbour Side Chair

The new Harbour Dining Side Chair, an extension of the Harbour Chair family, features a new shell that fits easily into compact spaces and under tables – yet continues to off er the cradling comfort the Harbour Chair is known for. The Harbour Dining Side Chair is available in a variety of fabric and leather upholstery options or with a bare poly shell in Burned Red, Olive, Khaki, White, Light Grey and Black.

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28th February 2020

Transcontinental: Stewart MacFarlane Exhibition

Click her to view the Artworks.



13th February 2020

Now on display – The Team range by Expormim

The Team range of storage units – designed by Mario Ruiz for Spanish company Expormim –  are not only practical, but beautifully made. With an extensive range of options for the legs, stains and materials (including ceramic doors/draws and upholstered and ceramic tops) and configurations; the Team range can be customised to fit any space or interior style.

“Nothing would be as it is in this collection without the material it is made of: solid wood. Wood gives identity to the pieces; it is the starting point, the reason of every detail in the project. Because this design is based on the details and they can only be constructed thanks to the material.” Mario Ruiz



25th January 2020

Settle Bench by De La Espada – Now on display!

The Settle range – designed by StudioIlse and manufactured by De La Espada – is reassuringly familiar but carefully detailed. Available in high back, low back and backless in American black walnut, American white oak, or European Ash in a range of finishes with copper feet and optional upholstered seat.  The Settle range is furniture that you can sit on together, but that still leaves room for the individual.


Settle bench by De La Espada



19th November 2019

Christmas ‘Gift Giving’ Exhibition 2019

Aptos Cruz Galleries Christmas Exhibition



6th November 2019

Didier – New Designs Exhibition 2019

The brand new Puffalo modular sofa system – designed and manufactured by Australian Designer Ross Didier – is now on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries as part of our exhibition of new designs by Didier which opens Wednesday 6th of November!

Celebrating the horizontal life, Didier’s new Puffalo modular range exemplifies laid-back style. Puffalo inspires multiple combinations of voluptuous shapes and can adapt from the largest of living rooms to the smallest statement spaces. The Puffalo modular system is manufactured using the highest quality materials including FSC certified timber frames with steel springs and elastic webbing, premium grade foam with high resilience and topped in silky soft memory foam.

Click here for more info.

Puffalo Sofa by Didier



18th October 2019

Group Exhibition: Animism to Abstraction


Art Exhibition featuring Australian Abstract Artists David Reid, Neil Thwaite and Emilie Heurtevent



4th October 2019

Artist Talk with Annette Bezor

Please join us on Saturday the 12th October 2019 at 2pm for an afternoon’s conversation with Annette Bezor about the last 40 years of her career as an Australian artist.

Please RSVP on 8370 9011 or email [email protected] as places are limited.



1st October 2019

NEW: Little Petra Chair by &Tradition

Initially introduced back in 1938, Little Petra won instant praise at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition, subsequently winning awards at exhibits in New York and Berlin. It’s one of just a few designs by architect Viggo Boesen, who became associated with Denmark’s signature design aesthetic in the 1930s called funkis style. Distinguished by a softer, more abundant, organic aesthetic that challenged the minimalistic approach of Bauhaus. &Tradition have now brought this classic chair back to the market, made to the same standards as the original! Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Click here for more info.

Little Petra lounge chair by &Tradition



24th September 2019

NEW: PC Pendant by HAY

Pierre Charpin’s PC Pendants is a collection of refined suspension lighting that can be used independently or clustered together. The pendants are constructed in anodised aluminium, which makes the surface more resistant to corrosion. The light source in each pendant lamp is hidden by a removable polycarbonate moulded diffuser, creating both a soft directional output of light and determining the form of the lamp itself. The PC Pendants are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Click for more info.

PC Pendant by HAY



17th September 2019

Annette Bezor: Ricochet2

Ricochet2 is a survey exhibition of artworks by iconic Australian Artist Annette Bezor spanning 1984 to 2019.

Annette Bezor’s work establishes an alternative psycho-social space in which the appropriation of imagery prompts the re-evaluation of the cultural power and significance of that imagery. She has adapted painting in unique ways to suit her purpose and, over her career, has confirmed and extended the role of the independent woman artist and has participated in the debate over art history. Bezor has made a significant impact on the idea and nature of painting in contemporary art.

Click here to see the artworks on display.

Annette Bezor - Ricochet2 exhibition



8th September 2019

Wabi-Sabi: Unexpected Beauty



21st August 2019

NOW ON DISPLAY: SpongeUp Pendants

Handmade in Southern Spain, the SpongeUp collection combines traditional pottery techniques with contemporary lighting design.

When the light is turned on, the spongy surface creates a unique and soft stellar ambiance in the room. When it’s turned off, the lamp becomes an organic decorative element with its matte surface and earth-toned colours. The SpongeUp lamps are available in three different sizes (small, medium + large) and four different colours (Ivory, Terracotta, Chocolate + Brick). Now on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Click here for more info.

SpongeUp pendant by Pott Lighting KlayLife

SpongeUp pendant by Pott Lighting KlayLife


15th August 2019

NEW RELEASE: AAC123 & AAC127 Dining Chairs by HAY

Featuring a wooden frame with elegant, tapered legs, the AAC 123 has a timeless and organic aesthetic. Retaining the same high backrest and generous seat that characterises the series, this design features a solid base with angled legs that slant slightly outwards for optimal stability. The oak base is available in different finishes (AAC127 has aa metal base) and the shell comes in a variety of upholstery options, providing a multitude of design combinations that give this series versatility in a wide range of corporate, public, and private contexts.

More info about the AAC123
More info about the AAC127

AAC123 AAC127 About A Chair by Hay



25th July 2019

Braid Sofa by Ariake Collection Japan

Absolutely loving the Braid sofa and lounge chair – designed by MK27 for Ariake Japan – with its beautiful slatted back and paper cord braided sides and armrests. Shown with the Paperwood coffee table, Beam side table, Kumiko cabinet and Column chest…all by Ariake.

Click here for more details.


Ariake - Braid Sofa - Japanese Furniture - Aptos Cruz2



5th July 2019

New Artworks: NOW ON DISPLAY!!!

We are excited to share new artworks by Waldemar Kolbusz and Luke Chiswell, as well as introduce our brand new artist Emilie Heurtevent to the gallery. All three artists have a number of new works currently on display; drop into Aptos Cruz Galleries and check them out for yourself!

New art - Emile Heurtevent, Luke Chiswell, Waldemar Kolbusz 2019


31st May 2019

Absolutely Everything Sale: NOW ON!!!

APTOS CRUZ ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING SALE includes our complete range of International and Australian manufacturers of furniture and lighting by some of the worlds most highly regarded designers, in stock or custom order to you specification.

Sale also includes our complete stable of contemporary artists, oriental antiques, tribal art and more.

Open everyday 10am-5pm. Sale finishes Sunday 16th June 2019. Be Early

June Sale 2019 - ecard - ENDS



18th April 2019


Autumn Ex 2019 ecard



21st March 2019

NEW RELEASE: No1 Chair by Fritz Hansen

Designed by Nendo for Fritz Hansen, the No1 Chair was created by the merging of Danish and Japanese aesthetics and craftsmanship. N01 brings back nature and embraces today’s modern life; A life where the dining room is not only a place to enjoy a meal but it’s also a place to be productive, a place for conversation, a place to relax from a busy workday or just everyday life.

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No1 Dining Chair by Fritz Hansen - Aptos Cruz Galleries Adelaide



14th March 2019

NEW RELEASE: Honey by CocoFlip

Honey takes cues from the humble honey dipper’s soft curves. The stepped geometric silhouette is a nod to a stylised Art Deco sensibility. Honey is hand made by some of Melbourne’s finest craftspeople – a collaboration with Bendigo Pottery, Charles Sandford and glass artist Amanda Dziedzic.

Offered in slip cast ceramic stoneware, or hand turned American White Oak, a number of glazes and finishes are available. White or pink hand blown glass completes the piece, and provides a soft, diffuse glow. Honey is a sculptural statement piece that celebrates Melbourne’s local artisans and provides a subtle ambient light.

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Honey pendant by CocoFlip - Aptos Cruz Galleries Adelaide



2nd March 2019

CH71 and CH72 now available: By Carl Hansen & Son

NEW RELEASE! Hans J Wegner designed the CH71 lounge chair and CH72 sofa in 1952, the result is a finely crafted, fluid design that appears as striking today as it did over half a century ago. Great design never ages.

CH71 & CH72 by carl hansen and son - Aptos Cruz Galleries Adelaide



20th February 2019

Bat Chair now available: By Gubi

The new Bat Lounge Chair, which comes in a high- and low-back version, is designed by Danish-Italian design-duo GamFratesi. Balancing between the traditional and surprising, the Bat Lounge Chair is created with a Scandinavian approach to crafts, simplicity and functionalism while also carrying a strong embedded story and associations expressed in a minimalist idiom. The wide range of upholstery options and different bases makes the Bat Lounge Chair fit perfectly into a variety of public and private contexts.

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Bat Lounge chair - Gubi - Aptos Cruz Galleries 1



12th February 2019

Artist Talk with David Reid

Australian Artist David Reid will be joining us for an artist talk and to show some of his newest artworks including ceramics this Saturday 16th of February from 2pm-4pm. If you would like to attend please RSVP to [email protected] or call 83709011.

Artist Talk with David Reid_Aptos Cruz Galleries



15th January 2019

Absolutely Everything SALE Preview: Opens Saturday 19th

Get in before the general public at the Aptos Cruz Galleries ‘Absolutely Everything Sale Preview’. Open from 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday the 19th of January; get in early for first choice on our extensive range of floor stock including designer furniture, contemporary art, oriental antiques and homewares – everything online is on sale too.

Aptos Cruz Galleries 2019 Sale January Adelaide



10th December 2018

NOW Showing: Christmas Gift Giving Exhibition.

Drop into Aptos Cruz Galleries in Stirling and check out our annual Christmas Exhibition featuring a huge range of unique designer Christmas decorations and great gift ideas. Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm and Sundays 1pm-5pm right up until Christmas eve.


Aptos Cruz Galleries christmas gift ideas adelaide



1st December 2018

Together Table: by Studioilse for De La Espada

The new Together Table – designed by Studioilse for De La Espada – is a perfect combination of minimal design and quality craftsmanship and is available in both a fixed and extending option in a variety of sizes. Available in American black walnut, American white oak, or European Ash in a range of finishes with Copper feet and locking mechanisms.

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Studioilse_Together Dining Table by De La Espada - Aptos Cruz Galleries Adelaide



8th November 2018

Octo 4240 Pendant by Secto: Now in the gallery.

The grand and airy Octo 4240 pendant by Secto is a classic. The Octo is a magnificent suspension that is comfortable also in small spaces due to its lightness. Handmade of PEFC-certified form-pressed birch in Finland by highly skilled craftsmen. The wood provides a soft luminosity for atmosphere and appeal.

Click here for more info.

Secto_Design_Octo_4240_Aptos Cruz Galleries



1st November 2018

Limited edition CH24 Wishbone Chair

To celebrate Carl Hansen & Son’s 110th anniversary, the iconic CH24 Wishbone chair has been released in 8 limited edition colours, including Navy Blue, Rosy Blush, Russet Red, Deep Burgandy, Oyster Grey, Forest Green, Midnight Blue and Deep Olive. These colours are only available until the 31st of December. Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

CH24 Wishbone chair by Carl Hansen & Son - Aptos Cruz Galleries



24th October 2018

Conde House Japan: NOW on display

We are excited to introduce Conde House – one of Japan’s premier furniture manufacturers – now exclusively available in Adelaide at Aptos Cruz Galleries. To celebrate the launch of Conde House, we have a dedicated exhibition showcasing a selection of their range until the 11th of November. Drop into the gallery and see this beautifully designed furniture for yourself.

Click here to see the full Conde House collection.

Conde House Japanese Furniture - Aptos Cruz Galleries



8th October 2018

NOW on display – the Orange Slice Chair

If you’re a lover of modern design, you can’t go past the Pierre Paulin Orange Slice Chair by Artifort designed in 1960. The careful balance of rounded free-flowing design is typical of Pierre Paulin’s organic furniture style. The simplicity and gently curved forms of his Orange Slice Chair make it a true design icon. Now on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries; drop in and see this piece of design history for yourself!

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artifort orange slice chair - Aptos Cruz Galleries



25th September 2018

NEW TR Suspension Light – Menu

The beautiful and minimal TR Suspension Pendant has just been hung in the gallery. The pendant was designed by NZ designer Tim Rundle for Menu. Its an interesting innovation, in that the lamp shade is actually the bulb. On display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Click here for more details.

Menu TR Suspension Light be Menu - Aptos Cruz Galleries



18th September 2018

NEW September Coffee Table – Menu

The Septembre coffee table’s soft, curvaceous shape has been uniquely constructed with its upper part sinking into the deeper structure of the table rather than resting on top of its legs. Available with a solid black stained ash or marble top. Currently on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Click here for more details.

Septembre Coffee Table by Menu - Aptos Cruz Galleries



13th September 2018

NEW Pot Chair – Fritz Hansen

Released this year by Fritz Hansen – the Pot chair – originally designed by iconic designer Arne Jacobson in 1959. Available in a huge range of upholstery options, the Pot chair can be tailored for any interior. Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Click here for more information.

Pot chair_Fritz Hansen - Aptos Cruz Galleries



6th September 2018

NEW Ibis Sofa – Bernhardt Design

Designed by Terry Crews for Bernhardt Design the Ibis Sofa is sleek and contemporary. The sofa features a long, shapely back (reminiscent of outstretched wings of the Eyptian Ibis) and is available in a variety of fabric and leather upholstery options.

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Ibis Sofa by Bernhardt - Aptos Cruz Galleries 2



25th August 2018

NEW Gravity Table Lamp – Gubi

The new Gravity Table Lamp designed by Space Copenhagen for Gubi, is aesthetically contrasting strength and fragility. Taking its name from the lamp’s distinctive balance between the anchoring of the heavy, cylindrical base and the lightweight, airy shade, it beautifully merges into a sculptural whole. Now on Display.

Check out the range of options here

Gravity Table Lamp by Gubi - Aptos Cruz Galleries



17th August 2018

NEW CH07 Jim Thompson colours – Carl Hansen & Son

The CH07 Shell Chair designed by Hans J Wegner and manufactured by Carl Hansen & Son – which was created and launched in 1963 and remains a symbol of the Scandinavian design idiom – takes on a whole new expression in this exceptional offering finished in handwoven silk textiles from Jim Thompson Fabrics. Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

CH07 Shell Chair designed by Hans J Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son

CH07 Shell Chair designed by Hans J Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son



7th August 2018

NEW Kim Nesting Tables – by De La Espada.

For his Nichetto collection for De La Espada, Luca Nichetto has been reimagining the design language of 1950s American furniture. Kim, a family of nested items including two tables and a bench, is a case in point. Available as a set or as stand alone pieces, the three items in the Kim family share common materials, while each having their own distinct form. Currently on display in the gallery.

Click here for more information.

Kim Long



7th July 2018

Waldemar Kolbusz – On the other hand.

Now showing: an exhibition of Australian Artist Waldemar Kolbusz’s newest works. The exhibition includes a number of abstract and figurative artwork; the first time both styles have been exhibited together…a must see!!! The exhibition is on until the 26th of August 2018.

Click here to see the artworks currently on display.

Waldemar Half Page_P1



25th June 2018

Colonial Chair: by Carl Hansen & Son

The OW149 Colonial chair – designed in 1949 by Ole Wanscher and manufactured by Carl Hansen – is a beautiful, well crafted and extremely comfortable chair with a simple and refined expression. On display at the gallery.

Click here for more info.

Colonial Chair 2



17th June 2018

NEW Jolly Pendant: designed by CocoFlip for NAU

It was great to see the beautiful and brand new Jolly pendant at Denfair 2018 – designed by amazing Australian designer Kate Stokes for the equally impressive Australian design brand NAU. Congratulations Kate and NAU! Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.




31st May 2018

Absolutely Everything Sale Preview!

The Aptos Cruz Galleries ‘Absolutely Everything Sale’ preview starts this Friday 1st of June until the Sunday 3rd of June! Everything in store and online is on sale. Be quick!




10th May 2018

Harbour Chair: By Menu

Finding a perfect balance between geometry and organic shapes, the Harbour Chair shell’s armrests bend outwards for maximum support, as does its high backrest, providing not only comfort, but also an elegant and slim appearance

Click here for more details.




2nd May 2018

Suspence Pendant: now available in Copper

Designed by GamFratesi; Suspence is organic with a natural soft curve. The pendant is designed with a monochrome look; the shade and cord are perceived as an uninterrupted whole. An infinity diffuser at the bottom of the lamp concentrates the light, prevents glare and contributes to creating an elegant optical illusion.

Click here for more details.

9344_lala Berlin x Republic of Fritz Hansen



20th April 2018

Aizome Cabinet: by Ariake Japan

We are loving the Aizome cabinet – designed by Zoe Mowat for Japanese brand Ariake – with its bold colour palette of sumi ink, red dye and two shades of Japanese indigo (Aizome). Simple and beautiful!!! Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.




8th April 2018

NEW Bilgola Easy Chair: by Adam Goodrum for NAU

Inspired by the Australian modernist architecture prevalent on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Bilgola is a lightweight collection of furniture that includes a lounge chair, coffee table, dining table and chair, dining bench and daybed. Modern and versatile, the chair and sofa designs feature an exposed linear frame, paired with a canvas sling support and voluminous cushions. These pieces are stackable and appropriate for residential and commercial use.

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30th March 2018

NEW Artworks: Agneta Ekholm & Min Woo Bang

Just arrived and on display at the gallery, works by abstract artist Agneta Ekholm and dramatic yet subtle artist Min Woo Bang.

Click Here to view Agneta Ekholm’s works

Click Here to view Min Woo Bang’s works




22nd March 2018

Hand-crafted light: Lightline by Brokis

The Lightline collection is a celebration of glass as an artistic medium. The concept of a line of light is rooted in the varying characteristics of the material and its forms. The design employs the effect of light uniformly dispersed over a sandblasted surface, which in profile creates the impression of a luminous line. The upper surface, sandblasted by hand, is treated with a special nano coating to prevent the accumulation of dust and smudges. The collection comprises four table lamps that cast a light of intimate character.

Click here for more details.




24th February 2018

A Wandering Spirit – Stewart MacFarlane

An exhibition of over 30 artworks produced between 1978 to 2017 by Australian Artist Stewart McFarlane.

Ad Rev_Aptos Stuart MacFarlane_March2018_PR



7th February 2018

NEW colours available – The Caravaggio Pendant

We are loving the new tones of the Caravaggio pendant designed by Cecilie Manz – 2018 Designer of the year at Maison & Object fair in Paris – for Fritz Hansen. Now available in Archipelago Stone, Warm Silk, Dark Ultramarine and Dark Sienna at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

For more info click here

 9139_Caravaggio - New tones



19th January 2018

Absolutely Everything SALE – Now On

The Aptos Cruz Galleries ‘Absolutely Everything SALE’ has been extended till Sunday the 3rd of February. Get in quick for great discounts off our entire range – in store or online – of Designer Furniture, Homewares, Books, Oriental Antiques and Contemporary Art.

SALE Jan 2018 - FB 4




27th November 2017

NEW Rev Stool: by Adam Cornish for NAU

Calling on the world-class metal spinning facilities in Victoria, which are most often used to create industrial items, the Rev Stool was inspired by the very act of spinning. The profile of a person seated on a bar stool, when spun 360 degrees to create a silhouette, is the simple logic informing this design. This creates an original design language and ergonomic advantages.

Click here for more info. 

NAU_Rev_DanHocking-2 copy



20th November 2017

Christmas Gift Giving Exhibition – Opens 25th of November

Looking for beautiful, unique Christmas decorations or gifts with a difference? Then look no further than the annual Aptos Cruz ‘Gift Giving Exhibition’. Open every day right up until Christmas Eve.

xmas FIN 2017 ecard 3_Aptos Cruz



12th October 2017

New artwork by David Reid

New artwork by Australian artist David Reid just in the gallery. This shot is of Taipei Nights – 2017 – 68Hx137cmW – ink, collage on handmade Chinese paper. Can’t wait to get it hung in the gallery. Available for sale. Drop into Aptos Cruz Galleries to see this and more of David’s beautiful and dynamic artworks.




29th September 2017

The NEW Unupholstered Beetle Chair: Now on display.

With the introduction of the un-upholstered Beetle Chair, the collection has bloomed into a chair series with unlimited possibilities. The Beetle Chair is no longer only an upholstered chair but also available with a polypropylene plastic shell, giving it a lighter expression with notable durability at a lower price point. The chair’s subtle matte texture offers a soft tactility where its outstanding sitting comfort is obtained. Thanks to the wide spectrum of colour and base options, the un-upholstered Beetle is an ideal solution for both formal and informal spaces alike. Mix and match between the seven harmonious colours to create a personal expression.

Click here to see more details: Unupholstered Beetle Metal Base

Click here to see more details: Unupholstered Beetle wooden base




9th September 2017

The Grain Stool by NAU: Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

The Grain Stool is the distillation of two years of development and refi­nement with Australian designers Jack Flanagan and Callum Campbell. Constructed from solid recyclable aluminum, the dramatically thin seat and footrest are extremely light weight and hardwearing. Strong and beautiful, the solid timber legs balance and unify the stool’s aesthetic composition. The coherence of these fi­nely tuned components instill a sense of quality and refi­ned sophistication upon the stool.

The Grain Stool is available in three different heights, with either a polished aluminum seat and footrest, or with a matte white or black powdercoat.

Click here for more information.




23rd August 2017

A Journey Through Asia Exhibition.

Featuring antique furniture, art and cultural artifacts from India, Burma, China and Japan.

Now Showing

Travels Through Asia Ex Ecard



28th July 2017

Beetle Lounge Chair: NOW on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Designed by GamFratesi for Gubi, the Beetle Lounge Chair is a comfortable yet dynamic design, making this chair suitable for multiple environments whether it is in the home or the workplace. Available in a wide range of Fabric and Leather upholstery options, the Beetle can be tailored to fit any interior style.

Click here for more information.




13th July 2017

Lune Modular Sofa by Jaime Hayon: Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

The brand new fully modular Lune sofa – designed by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen – is not only extremely comfortable but also beautiful from every angle. Lune is a Danish word that refers to a certain coveted, ideal temperature and the feeling one gets when everything is just right…enough said! Available from Aptos Cruz Galleries.

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30th June 2017

Gelava Char and Canuli Ottoman: Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

The highly versatile Gelava Chairs are sculpted in form and structurally engineered with precision tool moulded, cold cured polyurethane foam – eliminating the need for internal framing or hard edges. The organic form is designed to provide an extremely comfortable, durable and supportive seating solution for a wide range of interior requirements and demands. Manufactured with premium grade materials to the highest of standards. Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Click here for more details.





17th June 2017

Tailor Sofa: NOW available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Tailor Sofa – designed by Portuguese designer Rui Alves for Menu Design – has been designed to be authentic, with everything on display: “I wanted to show all of it, the structure, the beautiful oak wood. Nothing should be hidden, as it is normally done in sofa design. The sofa is meant to be seen from all sides.” says Alves. It is especially beautiful from behind.

The sofa has a light and airy appearance, the structured upholstered part supported by the wooden frame for a comfortable and practical sofa for everyday use. Available in a range of fabric and leather options.

tailor-sofa-Menu Design



17th May 2017

New Order Shelving: On display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

The New Order line of shelving and storage systems – designed by German Industrial Designer Stefan Diez – is well-suited to the domestic environment, and complemented by a range of elements and extensions designed for the workplace. Versatile and fully modular, the furniture can be customized to your environment and tastes. Available in a variety of colours and finishes.

New Order 14



9th May 2017

Embrace Lounge Chair: Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

The Embace Lounge Chair E015 designed by Austrian design trio EOOS is the latest addition to the distinct Embrace Series that also includes the Embrace Chair and Embrace footstool.

The wooden frame of the Embrace lounge chair is characterized by the lightness, craftsmanship and quality that reflect Carl Hansen & Søn’s commitment to outstanding design and quality. The chair frame is crafted from wood and visible from all angles. The curved back is formed from three pieces of wood connected by classic finger joints, ensuring longevity.

Embrace Lounge Chair is produced in solid oak or walnut in a range of finishes, and with leather or fabric upholstery. The upholstery and edging strip is available in various combinations. Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Click here for more information




27th April 2017

Overton Dining Table by Matthew Hilton: On Display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Overton Table is named after the town in West Yorkshire, England, a county that inspires Matthew Hilton, with it’s rugged landscape and history of producing modernist sculptors. Every plank in the solid wood tabletop features beautiful joinery allowing for greater table lengths (x6 sizes available), no longer bound by the height of the tree. The hardwood top is complemented by the cleverly engineered metal leg frame (in polished or brushed naval brass or anodised aluminium), and the metal detailing running through the centre of the tabletop. Available in American black walnut, American white oak, or European Ash in a range of finishes. Now on display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Click here for more information.




27th April 2017

New Glass-art by Gerry King: On display at Aptos Cruz

Just in the gallery and fresh out of the kiln. Renowned Australian Glass Artist – Gerry King – has released his brand new 2017 – Bluewater – series of glass panels. This stunning and vibrant artwork captures the translucency and organic forms of Australian rock pools. Drop into Aptos Cruz Galleries and see this beautiful piece for yourself.

Click here to see Gerry King’s artworks.



20th April 2017

Solo Dining Chair by Neri&Hu: On Display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Inspired by the Eames Shell Chair, the Solo Chair is an updated version that transforms the early industrial look of the Eames iconic chair into a sophisticated, comfortable chair that is suitable both in domestic and commercial settings. Solo chair has an upholstered shell that hugs the sitting body, becoming an object of shelter and refuge, where the person can be “solo”. Designed by neri&hu and manufactured by De La Espada. Come into Aptos Cruz Galleries and see this beautiful chair for yourself.

Click here for more information.





11th April 2017

Multi-Lite Pendant by Gubi: On Display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

The Multi-Lite Collection embraces the golden era of Danish design with its characteristic shape of two opposing outside, mobile shades that enable a wide range of lighting values in a room. By individually rotating the shades, the Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp can be transformed into multiple combinations where the light can be directed upwards, downwards or exude an asymmetrical art light.

Click here for more info.




7th March 2017

In The Wind Floor Light: On Display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

In the Wind LED Horizontal Floor Light – created by Japanese Designer Arihiro Miyake and manufactured by Nemo – is a perfect combination of modern technology and innovative design. The twisted aluminium frame and dimmable LED lighting creates a stunning sculptural form whilst providing beautiful light without glare. Come into Aptos Cruz Galleries and see this beautiful light for yourself. Available in black or white.

Click here for more information




22nd February 2017

Shell Dining Chair: Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

The Shell Chair is designed by the American designer Michael Dreeben and inspired by traditional craft practices in North India, particularly saddle making.  Exquisite saddles have been produced in India for centuries and although some horse culture persists, it’s diminishing as India becomes more technologically developed. The Shell Chairs attempt to revitalize this skilled trade by providing leather stitching artisans with a global market for their craft and hopefully encourage them to pass it on to younger generations. The wooden frame is crafted from FSC certified wood with a water-based stain and respects the local environment.

Click here for more information

Mater Product Shot 2



10th February 2017

NEW Artworks by Min Woo Bang: On display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Min-Woo Bang’s canvases explores the genre of romantic landscape painting. His latest series, ‘Storm In Paradise’, invites a deeper emtional response and engagement through mysterious and shifting lines of sight.

Bang captures nature’s transitional moods in a suite of breathtaking landscapes, engaging our senses with the emotional and aesthetic qualities of the land and sky that echo human moods. While nature remains his dominant source of inspiration, the artist’s differential viewpoints enhance the audience’s personal encounter with landscape.  These landscapes are of no place in particular; rather, they evoke a sense of time passing and memory.

A selection of Min Woo Bang’s current works are currently on display and available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Click here to view Min Woo Bang’s works.

The Moment_152x182cm

The Moment – Oil on Linen – 152cm x 182cm



31st January 2017

Frame Sofa and Shaker Table and Chairs: On display at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

The Frame Sofa features luxurious duck down cushions supported by a turned walnut frame. Designed by Neri & Hu, this beautiful solid wood frame is crafted by specialist furniture makers within De La Espada’s factory in Portugal. The Frame sofa system includes options such as a corner unit, medium sofa, with or without arms and a daybed: there are almost limitless possible configurations.

The Shaker is a dining table inspired by the simple, honest and utilitarian approach of the movement after which it is named. The leg frame recalls that of a refectory table, and includes a brushed brass detail on the cross beam. The table top is available in either solid wood or white Carrara marble. Designed by neri&hu and manufactured by De La Espada for the neri&hu brand.

Click here for more information about the Frame Sofa System

Click here for more information about the Shaker Table




20th January 2017

Aptos Cruz Galleries Absolutely everything SALE ends Sunday 29th January.




9th January 2017

Team TV Module by Expormim: Available at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

The Basic Collection – by Spanish design house Expormim – has been design based on two fundamental concepts: functionality and richness of materials. Featuring clean and basic lines, the sideboards, cabinets and TV stands can grow in usability by adding drawers and shelves. The textures can be enhanced by adding steel and porcelain finishes and lacquered elements.

Click here for more information.





7th December 2016

Anglepoise Type75 Paul Smith Series 3: Now at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Once again, Paul Smith has collaborated with Anglepoise® to create the Type 75™ Desk Lamp Edition Three; a true testament to this designer’s remarkable deftness in instilling modernity and new life into a well-loved design classic.

With its bold primary colour palette and angular form, Edition Three evokes the Bauhaus visual vocabulary of Dutch painter Mondrian’s De Stijl and launches to coincide with the run up to next year’s De Stijl centennial.

Set alongside the fresh, floral hues of Edition One and the rich, jewel-like tones of Edition Two, this new Type 75TM Paul Smith Edition both complements and contrasts; its hundred-year-old colour palette looks fresh, dynamic and contemporary: the perfect gift for the design lover!

Click here to see more about the new Series 3


Anglepoise + Paul Smith - Edition Three 1



29th November 2016

Aptos Cruz “Christmas Done Differently” exhibition.

The annual Aptos Cruz Galleries christmas gift giving exhibition opened on Saturday 26th of Novemeber with a fantastic turnout. If you are looking for beautiful christmas decorations or a unique gift then our christmas exhibition is definitely worth a look.




23rd November 2016

Bison Homewares: Now at Aptos Cruz just in time for Christmas!

Bison has evolved from a purely ceramic company to bisonhome, a lifestyle range with ceramics at its heart. Over the years, Bison products have become Australian design classics and are a staple item in many homes around the world. To produce them, our artisans draw on knowledge and inspiration which can be traced back over the millennia; they use the finest materials; and they produce pieces in a huge range of colours and textures.

All pieces in the Bison collections are designed by Brian in Canberra. We know you will enjoy our beautifully crafted range.

Click here to see the Bison range.




4th November 2016

I-Club SG Pendant: Now showing at Aptos Cruz

The I-Club-SG pendant light by LZF (Spain) stands out with a distinctive horizontal and elegant design. Designer Bukhard Dämmer has created a lamp that, thanks to its lighting quality and unique warmness, is a good option for working or leisure environments alike, as well as for public and private interiors.

The I-Club SG incorporates state-of-the-art electronic technology that guarantees a minimum electrical consumption, combining the warmth of ambient lighting with the power and quality of fluorescent lamp. Available in two sizes with dimensions 136 cm and 170 cm length, both with a sleek 12 cm height and 10 veneer options. LZF’s wood veneers are selected to reveal the best natural wood grain effects when illuminated and all have been sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council – FSC. The Club series is available in hanging, floor, table and wall versions.

Come into Aptos Cruz Galleries to see the I_Club SG or click here for more info




25th October 2016

New artworks by Kym Adey: Now showing at Aptos Cruz

Kym Adey’s brand new collection of beautiful and expressive miniature figurative bronze sculptures are now showing at Aptos Cruz.

Please join us on Sunday 30th of October for the opening of Kym’s exhibition along with an Artist Talk where Kym will discuss his work and processes. Stay tuned for for more details.

Click here to see Kym Adey’s new works.


Kym Adey_Ex_e-card FIN



14th October 2016

Milton Moon Exhibition: The Other Shore

Please join us for a very special exhibition to celebrate Milton Moon’s 90th year and the launch of his new book – “The Other Shore”.

Opening: 2pm – 4pm Saturday 15th October 2016





20th September 2016

The Brest Giorno by Cappallini: Now at Aptos Cruz

The beautifully minimalist and versatile series of cabinets – Brest Giorno designed by Giulio Capellini – is available in 16 different configurations, in matt or polished lacquer, veneered in natural or wenge-stained oak or in natural santos. Suitable for any living area, with leaf doors, drawers and open partitions; all cabinets come with a polished-chrome metal base and combined handles in the same finish.

Come in and see the Brest Giorno at Aptos Cruz Galleries.




7th September 2016

The Bower Collection by Adam Goodrum: Now available from Aptos Cruz

New in 2016 is the ‘Bower’ range, Goodrum’s first collection for the commercial market that includes a workpod, armchair, meeting lounge and a range of adjustable acoustic screens. With ‘Bower’ Goodrum sought to break away from the rigidity often associated with office and breakout furniture. Inspired by the rambling-style nests created by the bowerbird, the ‘Bower’ range is open, organic and gentle, bringing a natural and calm aesthetic to workplaces. The vertical woven elements of ‘Bower’ appear to be growing like vines. The architecture of this design also controls acoustics as the undulating shapes catch and absorb noise. Adjustable acoustic screens can be added to the armchair and meeting lounge, creating high back versions with added privacy. Entirely modular, the ‘Bower’ range is designed for versatile use.

Bower Armchair: http://aptoscruz.com.au/product/bower-armchair/

Bower Workpod: http://aptoscruz.com.au/product/bower-workpod/

Bower Meeting Lounge: http://aptoscruz.com.au/product/bower-meeting-lounge/

Bower Screens: http://aptoscruz.com.au/product/bower-screens/

Adam Goodrum - Bower collection



23rd August 2016

The Japanese Exhibition: Now Showing

Please join us for the opening of The Japanese Exhibition from 2pm – 4pm Saturday 27th of August 2016. The exhibition will have a huge diversity of quality Japanese antique and contemporary furniture, ceramics, bronze sculpture, woodwork and prints. The exhibition will end on 2nd of October 2016.



Japanese Ex - Ecard Invite_FIN_2



17th August 2016

Mayu Pendant Collection by CocoFlip: Now at Aptos Cruz Galleries

The Australian designed and manufactured Mayu collection by Cocoflip is an exploration of sculptural forms inspired by the beauty of Iceland’s otherworldly landscapes. Distinctive and delicate, each piece is hand crafted using traditional shade making techniques. An internal, glowing shade layered within an external sculptural shade gives these lights a unique sophistication and ghostly appearance, providing a warm glow from cosy lounge rooms to lofty stairwells.

Come in at see the Mayu collection at Aptos Cruz Galleries





12th August 2016

Dowel Stool by Mr Frag: Now at Aptos Cruz Galleries

The Dowel Stool by Australian designer Frag Woodall is a family of stools that celebrate a rich yet unlikely combination of materials with it’s polished brass or hand loop stitched natural leather upholstery and understated turned timber legs.

Come in and see this beautiful stool at Aptos Cruz Galleries.




2nd August 2016

Mags Sofa by Hay Denmark: Now at Aptos Cruz Galleries

The Mags Sofa is a versatile and minimalist range available in a variety of configurations with both a firm and soft options. The deep seat and high armrests make Mags the perfect sofa with room for everyone and their individual needs. Available in a wide variety of leather and fabric options.

Come in and see the Mags Sofa.


thumb-2-Mags Soft 02_2013-3-6_15-54-19



26th July 2016

ASO 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Prints: Now at Aptos Cruz.

To celebrate the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s 80th year, Aptos Cruz has embarked on a unique fundraising collaboration with Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, to create a tangible memory of the ASO’s 2016 season.

Six artists who have a long association with South Australia were commissioned to create an individual artwork inspired by their response to music and/or the ASO.

Thanks to the generosity of a donor who is covering the artist commissioning costs, project partner Aptos Cruz Galleries have worked with the ASO to produce a limited edition of 36 giclee prints (of each artwork) plus six complete portfolio sets.

Featured artists include one of Australia’s foremost painters Annette Bezor, Taipei-based David Reid who is known for his distinctive ink on paper works, two of Australia’s leading contemporary artists Jim Thalassoudis and Dianne Gall, figurative painter and 2015 Archibald finalist Stewart Macfarlane, and London-based James Cochran, aka Jimmy C, who is known for his distinctive street art including his David Bowie mural in Brixton, London.

Come in and see the complete series of prints at Aptos Cruz Galleries. Funds raised will go to supporting the ASO’s 80th Season.


Now available at $1750 each unframed to order. Download the order form below:

ASO AptosCruz_Print Order Form_2016 FIN

Details: Giclee Print, using archival pigment on 310gsm German Etching Paper. 900mm x 1100mm.




13th July 2016

Ben Sando & Gerry King: Exhibition opens Thursday 14th July

Please join us for the joint opening of Ben Sando’s exhibition ‘Fictions’ and Gerry King’s exhibition ‘three score and ten’. The exhibition opens 6:30pm Thursday 14th of July and will run until 14th August 2016.

Check out Ben Sando and Gerry King’s new works:



Ben and Gerry Exhibition 2016 FIN



7th July 2016

The Fri Armchair by Fritz Hansen: NOW at Aptos Cruz Galleries

Renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayón has reinterpreted Danish design for Fritz Hansen, combining his unique talent and a touch of Spanish playfulness with Danish minimalism and craftsmanship. That magical combination is manifest in his new design; the armchair Fri, which bring a warm, cosy feel to any setting and make you feel right at home.





14th June 2016

The Yeh Side Table by Menu: NOW at Aptos Cruz Galleries

The Yeh side table – designed by Taiwanese designer Kenyon Yeh – is a functional and versitile design that can be used as a side-table for books, plants or a table lamp. Available in two sizes (Tall: 71cm and Low 45cm) and five colour options (Light grey, nude, moss green, white, black).





25th May 2016

The Solid Collection by Paul Townsin: NOW at Aptos Cruz Galleries

The Solid Collection (Taper, Bulb and Cone) of suspension lights provides simple yet sophisticated forms that carve themselves around the globe with graceful presentation. The collection are simple geometric forms that will suit many architectural settings.

Taper: http://aptoscruz.com.au/product/taper/

Bulb: http://aptoscruz.com.au/product/bulb/

Cone: http://aptoscruz.com.au/product/cone/


Solids Ceramic Pendant Light_Cone-Black-White 3



25th May 2016

Artist Talk with David Reid at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Please join us on Sunday the 29th of May at 2pm. Click below to see more of David’s artwork:


David R_Artist Talk 2016_FIN_WhtNw



10th May 2016

The Terho Pendant: available at Aptos Cruz Galleries…

Inspired by nature, Terho means ‘acorns’ in Finnish and simply refers to the organic and appealing shape of acorns found in nature. The warmth and beauty of natural alder wood combined with opal glass makes it as contemporary as it is timeless. The wood is from responsible European forestry (FSC), treated with natural wax, and the glass is mouth-blown in the Czech Republic. Available NOW from Aptos Cruz Galleries


Terho - group



6th May 2016

The Icha Icha Stool: now at Aptos Cruz Galleries…

Introducing a brand new product – Icha Icha – from Massproductions; a graceful yet strong wooden stool named after the Stockholm restaurant it was designed for , “Icha Icha”.  The Icha Icha stool is available in high, medium and low versions, in a variety of finishes and seat upholstery options. Come and see it at Aptos Cruz Galleries.


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 3.31.32 pm



28th April 2016

The NEW Cloche Lamp: now available at Aptos Cruz Galleries…

Cloche is a table lamp providing a directional light. Its black powder coated arm and off-set cast iron base creates a visual imbalance, resembling the suspension of a traditional dining cloche. The shade is available in matt white, matt black, polished copper, polished.





8th April 2016

The Signature Chair: now at Aptos Cruz Galleries…

The Signature Chair reflects Frits Henningsen’s growing emphasis on elegance and a design philosophy that gradually evolved towards increased simplicity and precision. With its soft, inviting shapes and floating armrests, the Signature Chair is one of Frits Henningsen’s most light and simple designs.


Signature Chair LRG



29th March 2016

The NEW Anglepoise Mini Collection…

Iconic British lighting brand Anglepoise® is delighted to reveal a new 4-piece Original 1227™ Mini Collection, comprising a desk, table and two wall lamps. Available NOW from Aptos Cruz Galleries Stirling.




23rd March 2016

The Masculo Chair: now at Aptos Cruz Galleries…

The Masculo Lounge Chair by Gubi and designed by GamFratesi, is a perfect combination of Scandinavian craftsmanship, simplicity and functionalism. Come and see it at Aptos Cruz Galleries.

Gubi-Masculo-Lounge-chair-grashopper-lampe-GamFratesi Design Studio-stol-desk62



26th November 2015

For gifts that are out of this world…




25th November 2015

6 for 5







18th August 2015

New Australian design by DIDIER


BRYDIE sofa by Didier



27th July 2015

Artist Talk and Book Launch

To support our current exhibition THE ENGAGING OBJECT Masterworks by Giles Bettison 2000-2015, we will be hosting an artist talk and launch of Giles Bettison’s new book PATTERN AND PERCEPTION.

Please join us Sunday 2nd August 1-3pm, 2015




22nd July 2015

Warm up your home with some Danish lighting

Gubi have released a beautiful collection that is reminiscent of traditional 1970’s lighting design. Ronde is available in a sophisticated colour palette and two different sizes.


Ronde pendants, Gubi Table Round, Gubi 1F Side Chair



18th July 2015

Now Showing


Click here to see the exhibition page.



2nd July 2015

Just Arrived!

The much loved Kennedee lounge by Italian company Poltrona Frau is now at the Gallery. Fully upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather with a hand sewn “X” motif emboidered ontop. Available as an occasional chair or modular configuration.



Kennedee Lounge



1st June 2015




14th May 2015

The perfect compliment to a fire this winter

Gubi have released a drinks trolley to add style to your winter den. Can’t you just imagine this in your lounge near the open fire? With an inbuilt newpaper holder, what more do you need over a cosy Winter weekend. Mategot Trolley, available in white, blue grey or black.


1st May 2015

Talk about storage!

What a contradiction from the standard Japanese sideboard. This is not the usual light weight, petit piece; but an unusually large beauty. Still upholding the traditional elements, detail and wonderous proportions, it has to be seen to be believed.

For more antique sideboards, click here.



Antique Japanese Kura sideboard. Kyoto c. 1890’s. 3800 x 660 x 1010mm H


20th April 2015

Designer Flashback

65 years ago Le Corbusier designed the Lampe de Marseille for the Unite d’Habitation of Marseille. Now, it is still in production and on the wall in our Gallery. Come and appreciate a piece of history from a design legend.





Lampe de Marseille by Le Corbusier for Nemo


16th April 2015

New Homewares

The Gallery is sparkling with fresh new products. Come and see the new season colours and designs from the likes of Stelton, Normann Copenhagen, Menu and Iittala. Here is a taste of what is in store…




8th April 2015

Knot So Typical

The KNOT Chair by Tatsuo Kuroda for Normann Copenhagen is not just another chair. The accentuated joining points and detailing in the natural papercord give the user added comfort while creating texture and a point of difference.

Now at Aptos Cruz Galleries.



Knot Chair by Normann Copenhagen


2nd April 2015

Light up your Easter

KONTRO 6000 – the fanciest Easter Egg basket you’ll ever see! Hand made Finnish birch with a series of timber laminate options. Now hanging at Aptos Cruz.



Kontro 6000 by Seco Design


25th March 2015

Just in …

The PEDRERA Coffee Table is at Aptos Cruz Galleries and looking superbly elegant. The sculptural frame complements the organicly shaped glass top and together they bring a beautiful lightness to the space.



Pedrera Coffee Table and Masculo Lounge Chairs by Gubi


19th March 2015

Shake that brass!

Brass products are certainily on trend at the moment, and we can understand why. This ancient metal can easily be accepted into traditional, industrial, grunge, scandinavian or glamour spaces and give that extra accent that is necessary. From homewares, to lighting, to furniture – we have it covered. Here are a few examples…






17th March 2015

News from Fritz Hansen

A new coffee table series is the first release for 2015….. let us introduce you to JOIN. These stylish essentials are available in three sizes with solid oak tops.


Join Coffee Tables


Fritz Hansen also celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Arne Jacobsen’s SERIES 7 stacking chair. In recognition, two special editions have been released and are now in production.


Special edition Series 7 stacking chairs


And last, but not least, we are excited to announce that Poul Kjaerholm has introduced his iconic PK80 daybed, PK33 stool and PK91 folding stool in canvas for the very first time.



Poul Kjaerholm canvas collection


4th March 2015

New from Didier

There is no stopping Ross Didier. With over 25 collections in manufacture, he is one of Australia’s most regarded furniture designers. Check out his latest…Acorn and Bud – a series of pendant lights with a recognisable stepped hood with delicate twisted cables.


Acorn    /    Bud


2nd March 2015

Chinese New Year Lantern Festival

Aptos Cruz Galleries and The Luxury Network invite you to our Chinese New Year Lantern Fesitval on Sunday 8th March, 2-4pm. With catering from Taylor & Holmes, music from Bang & Olufsen and Bird in Hand wines, we look forward to celebrating the end of the Chinese New Year amongst works by David Reid and Zhong Chen.

Please RSVP to [email protected]




25th February 2015

Revisiting a Danish Modern Icon

The Metropolitan Chair, designed by Ejner Larsen & Aksel Bender Madsen in 1949, is distinguished by its admirable craftsmanship and excellend seating comfort. Considered to be the most significant piece out of to duo’s repertoire of approximately 300 designs, the Danish Modern icon has been finally been reintroduced by Carl Hansen & Son.



LM92, Metropolitan Chair


19th February 2015

Spot lighting with STYLE

The ever evolving range by Rubn never disappoints, especially when they release a series like LONG JOHN. Available in five different lengths, this handsomly dashing product will be sure to impress.


Long John by Rubn


15th February 2015

New to the Gallery

The Uni Cabinet, designed by ones of the world’s best known designers, Pierro Lissoni, has landed at Aptos Cruz Galleries. This stunnly sleek design comes in six different variations and an array or colour choices. See here for more details.



UNI by Cappellini

10th February 2015




9th January 2015

Happy New Year!

Let’s start 2015 off with a BANG and give you something to get excited about…

It’s our Absolutely Everything Sale and we are opening for a 3 day preview just for you.

We look forward to seeing you at 10am Friday 16th January.





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