Prichard + Sando October 2010


An exhibition of new works by Murray Prichard and Ben Sando

Opening Night Thursday 21st Oct, 6:30pm

Exhibition closes 24th November, 2010


An exhibition of powerful, colourful, bold works, high in emotional content and strong in sentiment. These two artists are long-term exhibitors at Aptos Cruz Galleries and are brought together for the first time.


Ben Sando’s paintings have rich surface qualities that display strong composition and considered mark making. His works are warm and inviting with imperfect line, broken surface and drip marks, reminding us that they are a made work created by an artist’s hand. read more...


Coming from a successful career as a graphic designer and illustrator Murray was faced with that ‘leap of faith’ that artists are challenged with when exploring new media- the painted canvas. He describes his work as intuitive where each painting is begun spontaneously, without preliminary study or reference, where intuition is sparked by a visual experience buried deep in his memory. Murray has a strong and bold mark making that gives depth to the colour rich surfaces he creates. His works are dynamic yet ‘sit comfortably’ as there is an understanding of harmony and balance present in his work. read more...