Guy MacAndrew

Guy’s practice has involved modelling in clay and then casting in various stone aggregates, with steel reinforcing, or, carving directly into stone- mainly local marbles or in hard woods. His forms are attractive for their aesthetic simplicity and solidness of structure. Whether modelling or carving, Guy likes to start with a very basic idea that is able to develop, as the techniques and processes of making are put into play. This aspect of the production Guy believes allows for the development of a seemingly infinite range of visual ideas.

Using the natural beauty of the material he is manipulating, Guy is able to create sculptures that are not only aesthetic pieces, but that have a tactile quality. Sensuous or geometric forms are used to best set off the natural grains and knots of the material used. Each sculpture than is a very unique piece in both conceptual and emotive manifestation.

Guy has exhibited at a number of Galleries in and around Adelaide and completed study in both Life drawing and Sculpture in New Zealand and North Adelaide. Guy MacAndrews is a regular artist shown at Aptos Cruz Galleries.