Pei Shu Wu

Born in Malaysia and of Chinese heritage, Pei Shu Wu and family moved to Australia in 1982 where they settled in Adelaide. He recalls his creative journey has been with him since childhood, because for as long as he can remember he has loved to draw. Consequently, he has developed a highly articulate language for mark making with lyrical strokes and elegant composition within his works. His mark making reflects his diverse experience and cultural background with a natural suggestion of Asian aesthetics and calligraphy present in his works.

Pei’s artistry has evolved over the years along side his notions of his relationship between self and place. Currently seeking immediacy and presence in ideology, he is looking at Zen philosophy and concepts of ‘No mind’ or the extension of the self. This ideology translates to his work where there is a fluidity of movement to brushstroke, and non-readable language present in his works. He is interested in the interplay of the created visual and the physicality of body movements needed to create the work. His mark making is bold and confident, yet is offset with the balance of subtle nuances created by washes, smudges and use of negative space. Pei’s experience and keen aesthetic judgement brings together this freedom and intuitive brushwork into a resolved and finished work.

His passion for art and art making is translated into his works that are dynamic and assured in creative style. He now teaches drawing as a lecturer at TAFE after having earned his degree in 2002.