New Again, New - Luke Chiswell

This print series discovers structure within fragmentation and meaning within misinterpretation, extending Chiswell’s exploration of language. It challenges the conventional use of language as a means of communication, instead employing it as a tool for making. This creative process involves deconstructing and reshaping language into Asemic writing, a form of wordless and open-ended semantic expression. Inviting us to consider the interplay between language and imagery. This new body of work is produced using a traditional Kelsey letterpress, uniquely adapted by Chiswell to create the characters of his distinct font. These characters are typeset in the press and embossed onto archival paper within the artist’s studio, resulting in limited edition prints and one-of-a-kind works. This approach cleverly plays on the inherent repetition found within language. The prints are presented in frames, with small prints in large frames and large prints in smaller ones, guiding the viewer’s focus toward the intricate details. In select frames, multiple prints are arranged to create a structured and grid-like composition, effectively juxtaposing the inherent chaotic energy of the prints.