Helen McEwen :Nature's Designs from the Air August 2009

Helen McEwen: Nature’s Designs from the Air
3rd September – 4th October 2009
It has been said, Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do” – Annonymous
This applies to Helen James- McEwen; at the tender age of 89 years old she inspires us to remember that life should always be embraced, and that age should never be seen as a barrier to stepping outside of our comfort zones.
 Helen’s joy for life, coupled with her keen sense of wonderment and appreciation for the Australian Landscape, has sent her on many adventures into the Outback.
 It was of recent times, when Helen chartered a plane with her camera in hand, that she saw the magnitude and unique beauty of the Australian environment. With this new perspective she was struck in awe of Nature’s design. Traversing the landscape with an aerial perspective enforced in Helen the need to capture her appreciation and express through artistic measure the majesty of our landscape. This she hopes will evoke in others the responsibility to care and protect it’s future.
 Helen writes,
“ The world as I see it, from the height I choose to fly is extraordinary. I would hope these paintings might encourage people to protect it and help to stop any destruction. This land we are so lucky to live in is far too wonderful to destroy.”
Helen James McEwen 2009
Aptos Cruz Galleries welcomes you to Helen Mc Ewen’s exhibition opening,
Nature’s Designs From the Air and her book launch, Landscapes of my Australia on Thursday 3rd September 2009.

Mrs Nicola Downer AM will open the exhibition.