The Space Between August 2010

 Aptos Cruz Galleries is pleased to present 


Opening Thursday 12th August, 6.30pm until Sunday 5th September, 2010. 

Featuring artists: Avital Sheffer, David Reid and Pei Shu Wu.

Culture reflects, and is reflected by our values and our representation; it is through these cultural dimensions that we can access an understanding of the past and the present. The Space Between is an exhibition that explores cross- cultural aesthetics, ideologies and traditions.

Avital Sheffer is a ceramic artist who explores her Eastern Mediterranean and Jewish heritage through her exquisite body of work. Following a national regional tour through Australia, this is Avital’s first exhibition in Adelaide. 

David Reid explores methodology and mark- making using Chinese ink on handmade Chinese papers reflecting his ongoing experiences and artistic relationship with Shanghai. The ABC recently included David on the Art show exploring Asia Pacific Arts. 

Pei Shu Wu is of Chinese and Malaysian background and he explores his heritage within the visual language particular to his work and subject matter. He is regularly shown at Aptos Cruz and currently teaches in Visual Arts.