Normann Copenhagen
Product Name
Frame Sofa
Product Type
Lounge/ Reception/ Waiting/ Hotel/ Residential
Designer Name
Simon Legald
Year of Design
Manufacturer Name
Normann Copenhagen
Materials Frame
The Frame Sofa is made of high-quality PU foam with a wooden reinforcement structure inside. The sofa rests on legs made from powder-coated steel.
Materials Seat
Available in a range of fabric and leather upholstery options.
Size 1
Frame Sofa 80: H: 80 x W: 80 x SH: 45 cm
Size 2
Frame Sofa 165: H: 80 x W: 165 x SH: 45 cm
Size 3
Frame Sofa 200: H: 80 x W: 200 x SH: 45 cm
Size 4
Frame Sofa 280: H: 80 x W: 280 x SH: 45 cm
24 Months
Usual Lead Time
22 weeks
SA Product Register
  • This product is supplied within South Australia.
  • This product is installed within South Australia.
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