Elliot Oblong

Product Name
Elliot Oblong Dining Table
Product Code
Product Type
Dining Table
Cafe/ Dining/ Hotel/ Residential/ Waiting/ Office
Designer Name
Jason Miller
Year of Design
Manufacturer Name
De La Espada
Materials Frame
Available in American black walnut, American white oak, or European Ash in a range of finishes.
Size 1
051S Oblong: W2350mm × D950mm × H755mm
Size 2
051M Oblong: W2500mm × D950mm × H755mm
Size 3
051L Oblong: W2900mm × D950mm × H755mm
Size 4
051G Oblong (ash only): W3100mm × D950mm × H755mm
Size 5
051LZ Oblong: W2705mm × D1105mm × H755mm
Size 6
051GZ Oblong (ash only): W3250mm × D1105mm × H755mm
5 years
Usual Lead Time
16-20 weeks
SA Product Register
  • This product is supplied within South Australia.
  • This product is installed within South Australia.