Applique Bras Pivotant

Product Name
Applique Bras Pivotant
Product Type
Wall Lamp
Lounge/ Reception/ Waiting/ Hotel/ Residential/ Meeting
Designer Name
Serge Mouille
Year of Design
Manufacturer Name
Serge Mouille
Wall lamp with moveable arms (1-5 arms) in black- or white-lacquered aluminum with white-painted interiors and brass details.
Size 1
Rotating Wall Light with 1 curved arm: L: 990mm H: 400mm. Rotating Wall Light with 1 straight arm: L930mm H: 360mm
Size 2
Rotating Wall 2 Arms 1 curved, 1 straight : Lower Arm: 1130mm Upper Arm: 1820mm H: 700mm
Size 3
Rotating Sconce 2 straight arms: Lower Arm: 970mm Upper Arm: 1340mm H: 750mm
Size 4
Rotating Wall 3 arms: Arm Lengths 1320mm, 1470mm, 2320mm H:1080mm
Size 5
Wall Light with 4 Rotating Arms: Arm Lengths 840mm, 1100mm, 2260mm, 2400mm H: 1650mm
Size 6
Wall Light with 5 straight arms: Arm Lengths: 840mm, 1100mm, 2250mm, 2250mm, 2400mm H: 1650mm
12 months
Usual Lead Time
15-16 weeks
Applique Araignee 3 Bras Fixes
SA Product Register
  • This product is supplied within South Australia.
  • This product is installed within South Australia.